June 11, 2007

T & Me Watched TV

Watching TV with the man of the house can be a little boring.

But I love him, so the choice is to hang out with him while we watch boring stuff vs. watching TV in the other room, alone.

Nothing's on anyway, so why not hang out.
But I can only take so much!

Tonight I learned about a weird WWII bomb.
The Earthquake Bomb.
Its 4" solid steel nose, and directional tail fins made it spin down 100' underground where it would explode, literally blowing the ground up. It could take out whole buildings.

The Atomic Bomb changed everything.
It still blew up the ground, but added raging burning explosions and radiation.
Who needed a little earthquake bomb anymore?

Now we are watching Modern Marvels on the History Channel.
Extreme Fire Fighters:
Red Adair and Boots & Coots.
Red did miraculous things in Kuwait.
Blowing things up. This time they were blowing up the oil fires.
With foam and water and air.
A whoosh and there you are.

It seems that all the aircraft shows are gone.
So we revert to little boy thrills.
Blowing things up.

Poor Buster is blown up pretty often by the Mythbusters.
Can he live through a boating explosion?
Falling off a bridge? Having a steel-toed boot crushed with his ballistic gel foot in it? You know the routine.

Our lucky little boy got to make a video with T.
It was titled KABOOM!
And I'm not making up that capitalization!

Fireworks is their love.
And buildings imploding.
Things on fire.
T really wishes he was a pyrotechnician.

It would mean more fun, more often.
So he thinks.

Engines have exploding going on in their pistons.
Mini explosions, mini fires.
I wonder how he ended up in that line of work.


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