March 29, 2007

Watch Out for Holly

Good gravy, that dog is fast, neurotically fast: She'll trip you if you're not careful.

It's dark, but time for me to get up.
I tiptoe out to the kitchen, quietly, slowly, hoping to avoid dog bounce, it's just too early...boom, she's up and out!

I'm just checking my email, dog! Nothing going on here. No breakfast until 7:00, and you KNOW that. Everyday it's the same old thing.

So settle down.

Turn on the dryer, turn on the tea kettle, turn on the heat, open the window to the birdie sounds and traffic....don't you think that would camouflage any and all keyboarding sounds? Any making coffee sounds?

I head back to bed, rushing dog behind. I climb in with my slippers and bathrobe , because sometimes this works: I pretend I'm asleep.

She's tricked...goes back to her comfy crate and sighs into a soft snore. I wait. I tiptoe back into the kitchen. Boom, she's up, sitting politely and intently by the dog bowl.

No food until 7:00 am!

Poor sensitive dog.


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