February 17, 2007


What joy it was to learn about Monarch Butterflies in gradeschool!

They are beautiful creatures. Tippity flights in the slight breeze, sun warming up. Taking a rest on flowers with nectar. Pumping delicate mosaic wings.

Memories in my garden at home, a moment of calm, peace.

It turns out that Monarchs like Milkweed and so do hummingbirds.

Our fine back field will be planted with milkweed soon welcoming the wonderful flying insects. There is nothing like a slow soft drift of fluttering butterflies through the property...from the back corner, up and over the gate, drifting slowly over the lawn, through the hedgerow. The same path each day, each evening.

The tiniest pearl egg turns into a rich brocade yellow jacketed caterpillar. Then comes the chrysalis, like ancient jade with drips of splattered gold, tuning transparent and finally opening up to the fragile animal struggling out, with wings like stained glass windows.

Black outlining color brings brilliance.

A hula celebrates butterflies, with one joining the dance in closeup!


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