January 25, 2007

Days Keep Ticking By

Day by day.

We keep keeping on.

One day at a time.

Once I was down to one stop~sign at a time.

Depressed, stressed and about to explode, I thought, "If I can just make it to the next stop sign...THEN I can jump out of the car and run screaming down the street."

"Made it! Now, if I can make it to the NEXT stop~sign...THEN I'll jump out!"

I made it all the way home. But truly, I could only commit to the one block at a time. Now I'm more mature, I commit to making it to bedtime.

How is YOUR stress level?

For the kids we've made a helpful audio~visual aide:


Start the little car at LOW if you feel sluggish, tired or bleahh.

Move the car to JUST RIGHT if you feel ok, ready to work, calm.

If you're fired up, passionate, and furious, well...you know what to do!

I need some advice:

Where do I position the car after dinner?

I've eaten:

1. one whole bag of Pirate Booty.

But, look, it says it's good for me!

2. one little chunk of chocolate.

3. A cup of hot water...you can't fault me there!

Any suggestions?

Someone suggests,

"I'm thinking the car should head for HIGH!"

There were enough calories and fat today and all of tomorrow."

Maybe I can fast tomorrow...oh sure!

The other suggestion:

"The guilt and shame of such disgraceful pigging is the definition of STRESS. Yes, definately move the car to HIGH!"

Danger Ahead!


...maybe I'll move the car to LOW tomorrow after I fast all day. (oh, sure!!)

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