January 15, 2007


Hounds and Dog Friends

1. Sam, a black Cocker spaniel, chased the garbage man, hunting dog.

2. Tia, German Shorthaired pointer, well trained hunter, rsponded only to my dad's commands, 14 puppies, liked to run around town, fat and happy.

3. Kelly, mostly silky white w. reddish brown, Tia's puppy, killed a sheep on the last farm in Kentfield which now is a storage facility, had to be put down, because dogs will repeat that behavior.

4. Jenny, German Shorthair, dad's dog, spoiled, happy, chased cars and people on bikes, drank beer out of the bottle.

5. Many of Jenny's puppies...too many to count...running rampant on the beach, with grins and happy faces, tongues flapping in the bright breezy day.

6. Bluebeard, a friendly Bloodhound who liked to follow his nose across wild ocean channels, up beaches, miles north. He was tied to a huge washed-up telephone pole...with lots of rope...sitting in snuffling majesty under bright skies. A small jeep with kids came by to see him. He started bounding with lips flapping, eager slobbering to say hello, they started speeding away....chasing the vehicle all the way 'til the end of the rope.

7. Peaches, Labrador retriever, picked out of the litter for her mellow roly poly nature. Turned out she was only sleepy...her true nature was an eager, big, stocky, happy, dog, our first family dog. The childrens' best friend. Two litters with the lab next door, through the wire fence. Shed like a German Shepherd. Killed by a car in the road. They didn't stop. Our hearts were broken.

8 Topper, Peaches' pup. Tall, gingery and gangly, soft as velvet, best friend to children and cats, needed comforting when we lost Peaches. Wasn't thrilled with the idea of a basset hound puppy replacement. Lived peacefully until he could not get up anymore. Putting him down was humane and utterly painful.

9. Opal, a Basset queen...a princess...the sweetest, softest, smallest, smartest dog of all. A thinker. She knows so many tricks, she gets mixed up and does them all at the same time. Snores loudest. Stinkiest. She fit in our hand at 6 weeks, too young to be away from her mother. Now she sleeps only on beds and couches. Adored Topper whom she drove crazy. Chewed the leg of a century old oak table.

10. Holly, golden retriever, rescue dog, dark red, a field retriever, adores her master with a passion that requires tranquilizers. Don't leave her alone. Tears up the house, scratches doors, pulls down drapes...don't separate her from HIM. Chases cats, soft with the longest fur ever. Soft cheeks equal only to Opal's. Goes to work with her adored master as often as possible, sitting patiently in the driver's seat.

11. Don't forget Boo Doggie, a Border collie! A puppy in a box with free dog food. Only training he got was to beg. Liked to bite trees as he sped along in the truck, sometimes getting knocked senselessly to the back of the bed...only to start barking and biting again. Swam further out into the lake when the Ranger showed up. Soft fur, shiny black and white.

Dear friends all, our sisters and brothers.

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