January 22, 2007

How Many Birds?

Three hummingbird feeders are not enough for our ravenous, bossy hummer. Only one to a feeder and that one is Himself!
Zipping here and there fending off interlopers, he only gets enough nectar to keep up the fueding.

Towhees, plain and dust brown are seen scurrying about.

Bluejays love the black oil sunflower seeds.
They swoop in side to side and land in the wagon.

With handsome, bright sky blue, well tended feathers and confident "caw, caw" they are the boss of the garden.

The quail vie for dominance over the mourning doves, scratching in the leaves around to see what's good.

Finches chitter nonstop and eat niger thistle nonstop. Fill the sack on Monday, it's gone by Tuesday.

We can't keep them supplied, the little piggies.
a flicker
turkey vultures
red shinned hawk
house finches
a wild turkey
a peahen
That's enough for now.
We have more patience for the serious birdwatchers, now.
Previously, we thought they were odd.
Now we understand...we love our front yard birds.

Do you want to see some native grasses?
I bet the birds do.

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