January 30, 2007

Poor Old Friends

Some old dogs have so much to put up with.
Like Basset Hounds.

...he just can't get a break.

Topper loved everybody in the whole world.
If you ever came by, you were the absolute best friend he had ever had in his life who he hadn't seen in years!!

Except of course for our puppy Opal Basset.
She was tiny, fit in our hand.
She was adoreable and funny.

We all were in love.
Except for Topper.

For a great big tall lab, he was usually patient and gentle but a climbing, chewing, nuisance puppy was only barely tolerated.

A soft growl rolled out when the limit of his tolerance was reached...such as anyone chewing on his tail or toes. Sometimes Topper slurped Opal's ears when he deigned to pay any attention at all.
That's when she was in heaven.
It was pretty disgusting slobbering on both their parts, yeeachh!

Opal adored Topper.
She missed him when he was gone.
If only she could have tortured him for many more years,
maybe together with a friend!
They all would have had so much fun!
(except, of course for Topper)


Blogger baffle said...

Audio overload, but cute!

Little Cody the dachshund needs earplugs!
Haha - funny video. I watched it three times and it got funnier each time (as I got more tired and more punchy that night).

To think that the lucky people who made the clip have those two vacumn cleaner bassets to love up every day...
I know a lady with 3 bassets - all low slung and lovely.

I like the sound of all them doggy nails clicking on the hardwood floor.

February 01, 2007  
Blogger justducky said...

Ahhh, those clickety toenails.
Click, click, click down the hall, click, click, pause.

"Hhwummmfff"! A huge leap onto the bed...directly in the middle!

"Hhhhhhhhhhhhuh", sighing in comfort.

"Sshhhnnnnnnsssssszzzzzzzz", snoring.

February 01, 2007  

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