February 1, 2007



That's why we got one...a basset hound.
They are ridiculous and they cheer you up just by a look.

This is ridiculous>>>>>

This is also ridiculous ) but there is a good reason basset hounds need snoods.

They're all gussied up for company or for a dog show one minute, the next minute they've slobbered all over their ears, dunked them into the water dish and dragged them through the dirt. Yuck.

My kids call all that effluent snobber...drooling noses and flews.

Get out your slobber rag if you want a Basset. With its large deep flews, this breed is "wet mouthed" breed tending to be more slobbery than other breeds. To the prospective Basset owner, this means that that the dog will drool quite a bit, and tend to make a mess while drinking. If you are a fastidious housekeeper, and have an aversion to dog drool on your floors and walls, the Basset Hound is not the breed for you.

Ours was from a Basset Rescue Mom, we were told.

But Basset Rescue Mom's are neutered, aren't they, so there shouldn't be any Basset Hound Mom puppies, should there? Who knows?

Ridiculous, but wonderful. Messy, but loving. Give me a basset any day!

Except of course the day they're alone and the neighbors complain because the howling is driving them out of house and home!

Or the day they get loose, follow their nose, and are found 15 miles away exhausted in some kind person's back yard.

Or when they are really hot and jump into a putrid mudhole.

Then, the best thing to do is have a friend that has a Basset for patting therapy sessions.


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