March 1, 2007

rattus rattus

The kids had rats. In their cages, the rats would stand up on hind legs, little fingers curled around the wire, snuffling for the latest goings on in the girls' room. Peeking around, checking it all out. Once found a little girl's dolly next to their cage, dressed up in all it's finery. With those tiny adroit rat hands and with a little nibbling on the hem, they pulled the corner of that dolly dress right into the cage for nest building soooooooffftt. Petticoat, too, With lace. Heavenly for a rat!

Pet rats

are unfairly maligned. They really are very affectionate animals. They are fast friends and they are so funny!

They're tame, clean, and funny. With silky fur. Their soft whiskers tickle when they sniff your ear from their favorite spot on your shoulder.

My freind Aretha had a pet snake. One source of nutrition for a snake can be "pinkies": tiny baby rats or mice. Aretha bought a pinkie, but ended up with a friend for the snake instead. The furry brown rat grew up and would sit all comfy on top of the curled up reptile, warming the cold blooded animal. Mutual benefit. Rat had the snake, snake had the rat.

His name was Dinner and he hung around longer than the snake, cute as a bug...well, more like cute as a rodent, really.

Several types of pet rats exist in our world.
They come in many varieties.

One color is chocolate. I like that, seems sweet and satiny.

Rat problems will be addressed later on.

Right now I'm having happy pet rat memories.


Blogger baffle said...

rat tails.
double arrrrrggghhh..

glad that somebody likes 'em, anyways!

March 05, 2007  

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