June 1, 2007

little bitty artwork

Time to make the ATCs (artist trading cards).

It seems that I will not paint, so how about a teeny little card to decorate?
I think I can do it, once a month.

T challenged me, "How about skipping the Mod Podge this time?
But I love my Margery!
(we call it Margery Podgery, when you can't find it, you call out, "Margery...")

O.K. It's a deal!

I sent out my last month's ATCs.
Afterwards I realized I could have done a cool thing with the modge podge, I could've made things 3-D.
My Grandma and me could've popped right out of that card!

I don't know what the ATCs do for the recipients, but I do know that what they do for me.
I am committed to art.
I get that creative muse activated.
I have so much fun!!

Now if I only could get organized.
To my great regret, little tiny pieces of paper have always been trouble for me!

I believe in little scraps of paper! For notes, for telephone numbers, for important dates and directions.

The problem has always been that they hide and get lost.
Scraps of paper are always lost, but I've never lost faith.
They're so handy!
How simple to rip a corner off the newspaper or an old envelope.
(why is the envelope lying around? I really don't know, but I must have had a plan for it.)

So I'm proud to say that I'm organizing the proliferation of ATC stuff.
And I'm only taking up 3/4ths of the dining room table, down from 4/4ths!
And only using 9 cute little boxes instead of 15.

Very proud indeed!


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