April 16, 2007

The Basset is ok AGAIN

We always have to worry about the basset.

1st of all, she's too itchy. Allergies...I didn't know dogs had them, she's allergic to dust and pollen, so she needs meds. She needs to stay inside off the grass cuz she might breathe the allergens outside. She also gets sunburned easily.

She also needs special food: DD...
which stands for 'dumb dog' as in:
"This dumb dog costs so much darn money!"

I guess it also could stand for
"This darling dog costs so much darn money!" Either way.

Then she's too fat.
"Don't let basset hounds get fat, it's bad for their long backs."
So we cut back her $$$ food.
Then she's too thin.

Then she stinks.
"Wash her with special $$$ soap for her allergies."
Then her ears need ear cleaner (that REALLY stinks).
Her nails grow too fast and are too tough to cut at home, so she needs to take downers to relax for the nail cutting technician at the vet's.

She can't swim. We don't worry about this because she pulls gently (with all her might: bassets are heavy boned & heavy muscled dogs!) away from the ocean when we're walking.

Then she needs patting ("whine, whine"). Then she needs a new island...Isn't the leather barcalounger enough?
Or the master queen~size bed? Or the leather couch? When is enough enough!

Now the poor basset has surgery.
To remove many bumps...a bumpectomy.

The vet removed more than 1st thought.
More because "Those could cause her some trouble later" and more because she always costs MORE.

Now her poor foot...well, actually, with bassets a foot is almost the whole leg...her foot is wrapped up in gauze (purple) and adhesive tape (white). Her hip bumpectomies are stitched up with metal staples.

All in all it's pretty gross.
She was in pain when she got home from the vet hospital.
She needed drugs, narcotics.

I had to give my date of birth so they could track me down if Opal suddenly became drug addicted and she "needed" more pain relief. But she only needed one day's worth.

She's so strong and brave, and clean and sober.
If the basset becomes any more "sensitive" to life itself, will we finally succumb to purchasing a
velvet pillow...with golden tassels?

She's almost 11. (April 24th...same birthday as Peaches).

Maybe she'll get through her dog years as a tough old girl,
sensitivity be damned!

Good dog.